Family Purpose

MaryAnn's Graduation Speech as Valedictorian:

..."My experiences with Family Purpose has been a challenge. So much progress was made during the few years that I was with Family Purpose Organization. In the beginning when i first was introduced to Family purpose i had the “i don’t care to even be here” attitude because I felt that it was just like any other ordinary group something that I would just hate doing but, I’ve grown to be attached to Family Purpose. They actually grew to be my 2nd family. I was never a person to open up to things but I was able to grow trust with the group, from different conversations that I could actually relate to with Ms.Shanae, Ms.Monique and Ms. Tiffany. My biggest support has came from Ms.Monique, Ms.Shanae and Ms. Tiffany when I transferred schools, I thought I wouldn't see them as I often as I did. But even after me transferring I've gotten the same support when I left all the way up to graduation (a year earlier than I was supposed to) and I greatly appreciate everything Family Purpose has done for me. Overall, my experiences has been great!" ... 

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