Family Purpose

Meet the Family Purpose Team


Monique Turner (Founder / Executive Director)

Monique Turner is the founder of Family Purpose Non-Profit Organization, not only is she a businesswoman, she is also a youth advocate and author. As a child, Turner was very social and carried her ability to network and empathize with others into adulthood. Turner empowers and urges youth to come together as a reflection of one another. 

  • Youth Advocate 
  • Life Coach 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Motivational Speaker                                                                           
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Tiffany Turner (Co-Founder)

Tiffany Turner is the co-founder of Family Purpose Non-Profit Organization. Growing up Tiffany was raised in the kitchen helping her grandmother prepare the meals for the family. This allowed her passion for cooking to grow and has put the drive behind her starting "Plates & Aprons", a healthy cooking class that allows students to learn how to cook and explore new ideas for healthier choices. 

  • Youth Advocate
  • Plates & Aprons Program Director​
  • Conflict Resolution Specialist



Shanae Bullock (Executive Director)

Shanae Bullock is the Executive Director of Family Purpose, who has a degree in Behavioral Science. Shanae supports and inspires the youth she works with​ by providing them with an outlet and soundboard as they navigate through their high school journey. S​he is very approachable, listens to ​them and is attentive to their needs. ​Growing up in San Francisco ​and being raised in an interracial family,​ has molded Shanae into an individual with a great sense of diversity and 
​the ​ability to adapt to people from all walks of life.

  • Youth Advocate
  • Program Director
  • Conflict Resolution Specialist



Kanika Jenkins (Director of Education)

Kanika Jenkins is the Education Director at Family Purpose. Kanika has been teaching for 14 years. In that time she has created classes, developed curriculum and initiated programs - all with the objective of providing underprivileged youth an opportunity to find academic success and have experiences that would, otherwise, not be offered to them.

She has a reputation for being able to establish a quick, yet genuine, rapport with her students. her commitment to the youth of her community and her passion for inspiring change are unparalleled.



Ah-nee Brown (Program Director)

Having completed multiple Associate degree’s while in high school and received her Master of Science from NYU by the age of 22, Ah-Nee brings a unique perspective to the college process. Ah-Nee holds tutoring certifications and has worked with various organizations and schools on test prep and academic initiatives at both the high school and collegiate level. She is passionate about working with students and helping them actualize their goals through higher education. Her background in communication and writing further allow her to serve the youth by assisting them with essay writing for scholarships and personal statements.